Ten Top Tips: Effective Digital Marketing

top 10 marketing tipsSuccessful businesses recognise the importance of digital marketing in the 21st century. Both B2B and B2C customers are spending ever more time online in exploring, learning, understanding and then deciding on what to buy and from whom. Most small companies, however, don’t market themselves effectively online. Many are invisible to prospective customers while others waste a lot of their hard earned cash on activities that don’t result in more business.

So how can you use digital marketing to support your company’s growth? Here are our Ten Top Tips.

  1. Adopt An Integrated Approach – use a range of digital tools to create digital marketing campaigns. Create an online sales funnel to attract, convert and transform leads into customers and then customers into advocates. Consider a mix of blogs, videos, microsites, Pay Per Click advertising and social media.
  2. Focus On Content – create quality content at all stages of your digital campaign (attracting, converting, closing & delighting). Use Case Studies, videos, reviews and tasters/teasers eg updates. Use YouTube – the second largest search engine after Google. Target key influencers – let them spread your content for you!
  3. Use Idea Generation Tools – continually devising new and stimulating content isn’t easy and is very time-consuming. Use some of the available online tools to help you originate new ideas. For instance, try Hubspot’s blog topic generator or Alltop (a blog post aggregator) or Quora (a Q & A platform).
  4. Use Social Media Intelligently To Engage With Prospects – don’t broadcast sales messages to anyone and everyone. Start with known influencers and communities. Find them. Share content with them. Listen most of the time. Ensure that you have researched your target audience so you know what channels they use and what sort of content hits the spot.
  5. Use E-Mail Marketing Selectively – it is low cost, allows segmentation plus it is easy to create, share and measure. Create compelling calls to action. Make titles funny, intriguing or controversial to improve open rates. Test daily emails – Thought For The Day.
  6. Adopt Pay Per Click – reaches prospects who are actively seeking exactly what you offer. Draft different PPC adverts and test the responses. Focus on the click-through rate. Spend as much or as little as you want. Use as a lead nurturing vehicle and for remarketing.
  7. Make Your Website Much More Than A Brochure – your website should be the hub of your digital strategy generating both first-time visitors and repeat customers. Create a site that generates new leads for your sales team. Ensure it informs users and enables prospects to move further down the buying cycle. Put your users first, content second and forget about Google.
  8. Keep Your Website Visitor Friendly – use customer’s language not your own. Don’t use technical jargon. Put the most important information on the left-hand side of your navigation bar. Make it easy to navigate with clear signposting. Put contact details on the top right – make it easy for them to pick up the phone and speak to a human!
  9. Use Online Video – show and tell via online video. Keep it short. Focus on how the user will benefit from your offering. Involve customers in the video – let them tell prospects how great you are! Get your YouTube channel up and running. Put your content through Google+. Use an initial ‘hold image’ eg a caption stating that “in 60 seconds you will discover how this will help YOU”.

Capture Customer Feedback – build customer feedback into your digital campaigns. Learn from such feedback – capture the customer insight and improve customer experience. Use tools such as Feefo and SurveyMonkey to nurture feedback and build up product/service reviews.