Client Case Study: Community Partners

Objective: Revenue Generation

Community Partners:

The Objective

Our primary mission was to increase revenue for Community Partners, taking them from a purely outbound and antiquated sales model to an inbound marketing led business.  Experiencing a declining success rate from cold calling, we needed to throw out this outdated approach to sales and breathe fresh air into their business with a total revamp of their marketing plan.

The Strategy

We could really get our teeth into this project, as there was so much scope for improvement across a variety of areas.  The first step of the process would be to run a series of targeted email marketing campaigns to quickly generate more warm leads for the sales team.  We wanted to work on Community Partners’ corporate branding and brand positioning, and in turn increase their social media presence, redevelop their website and produce a range of new and inspiring marketing materials.

The Results

The sales team were very quickly furnished with a constant stream of warm leads as a result of email marketing campaigns.  Revenue increased rapidly from this source alone, ensuring our initial brief had already been satisfied.  A redevelopment of the website and a niche social media strategy later saw further enquiries come flooding into their business.  What had been a company with a disproportionately high sales to marketing driven ratio had undergone a complete reversal to see a significant percentage of revenue sourced from marketing.

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