Direct Mail

Does Your Business Need Direct Mail Marketing?

Direct mail is the only platform that puts something tangible in the hands of your potential customers, reaching them in their own homes with marketing which can’t be switched off, turned over or deleted.

From handwritten letters for fifty recipients to digitally printed direct mail packs to five hundred thousand recipients, we create mailing packs of all sizes, materials and volumes.

How it works.

1. Outline Your Direct Mail Goals.

We’ll start with a brief from you, getting to understand what you need the Direct Mail campaign to achieve. Be it to generate sales leads, direct mail orders or simply deliver a newsletter to your customers. We’ll tailor your direct mail campaign to the goals you set.

2. Create Your Mailing List.

With over 1 million business contacts and 15 million GDPR complaint personal contacts, we hold a prospect contact list for almost every business. So, regardless of how niche or broad your target audience is, we are confident in being able to create a bespoke list of your potential customers either in their home or at the office.

3. Write Compelling Letter Copy.

Our in-house copywriters will craft letter copy with your target audience in mind, in a language that understand that will appeal to them and motivate your customers into responding.

4. Print and Post.

We guarantee a lower postage cost than standard Royal Mail delivery, whilst at the same time printing every pack to the highest quality – so you can rest assured your campaign will be delivered on budget, on time and to the highest standard for a successful campaign.

5. Analysis and Reporting.

Our bespoke campaign reports focus on your key objectives set out in the planning stage. We provide transparent analysis on key performance statistics such as ROI, number of leads and average order value, so you can assess the true value to your business.

Create your first direct mail campaign

We know you want to focus on what’s most important—running your business. So our smart technology will help find ways to improve your ads and get you better results.

Plus, we’ll provide reports, insights, and ongoing tips, so you can track your progress and make your ads even more successful.


Client: Community Partners Ltd

Community Partners’ marketing team were looking to build on their established marketing acquisition practices with new ROI focused communication channels. To complement their existing digital marketing plan we tested and implemented a direct mail strategy, which following its successful implementation was handed over to their internal marketing team to manage on a permanent basis.

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