E-commerce websites for Restaurants

How will your Restaurant benefit from an e-commerce website?

With a fully branded e-commerce website, you can not only put your menu in the hands of your customers in their own home, but also process orders and take payments.

How it works.

1. Easy setup and customisation

You have full control to add / edit / update your menu items and prices. You then have the power to maintain your menus in-house. Not only that the full system is branded using your own logo and colour scheme so you do not lose your identity with your loyal customers.

  • We’ll take a full brief to obtain basic information like delivery radius, delivery costs and a copy of your Menu.
  • The BOM team will then setup the website for you for launch.
  • We can provide ongoing technical support as and when you need us.

2. Orders come direct to you.

At the point that your website is live every order will come straight through to your email with an SMS
notification if needed.




3. Take payments securely online.

Using our expertise in web applications and online payments we have created a very simple process for you to be taking payments from your customers.

  • You will receive the money from orders straight to your bank account.
  • No Internet Merchant Number required (MID).
  • Your website will be safe and secure for your customers.
  • Peace of mind knowing that your online business is supported by a world-class web platform.

4. Full control to manage your menu, pricing, offers and orders.

We believe that the more control you have of your own business the better, and that is why we have a super-easy interface for you to manage it yourself.

  • You can add / edit / delete any item on your menu at the touch of a button yourself.
  • You can update delivery costs and opening times yourself.
  • Full support from the BOM team is on hand if ever you wish.

5. All transactions come direct to you.

You receive the funds quickly and easily from your orders once you are up and running.

  • You are in full control of setting up which bank account you would like the funds transferred into.
  • Money would be paid direct into your account as required.
  • We take no commission on your orders.
  • You are in complete control knowing that your monthly fee to BOM is fixed each month.

Talk to us about switching to an e-commerce site today!



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